How to order

E-mail us directly:
Please send the following first:
- Your order (what item, quantity),
- Name (it can be your pet name),
- Address, zip code, country,
- Payment method.

After that you will receive all the information you need to send your order. Please, follow the payment instructions carefully to avoid any unnecessary delay. It's simple, fast, and easy to do.

Shipping methods:
We ship our products worldwide and all packages are shipped very discreetly. Products are repacked with extreme care and precaution, specifically to minimize shipment volume.

Our organization name or anything else is never used in our shipments. The size of our packages are never larger than needed.

We accept different methods of payment such as:
- MoneyGram.
- Money in envelope by mail (Cash).
- Please contact us for other options.

Cash money Orders:
We accept cash in almost any magor currency like US dollars, Euro, GBP, AUD,  CAD by mail.

The fastest way to pay in cash within 3 days is by sending it with (Global Priority Mail). You'll pay them 5 USD. We have good experience with it.

What is the minimum order?
By cash payments there is no minimum. By other options $150 USD is the minimum order.

Delivery to APO addresses (Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, etc.). P.O. Boxes, USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia in 1-2 weeks. 6 days to the US is not unheard of.

The cost of shipping
Cost of shipping worldwide is $40 USD for packages. For papers is $10 USD.

The whole process of ordering and shipping:
Once payment is received, we process and dispatch your order within 2 business days. Shipping time will depend on various factors such as method of our shipping, postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, etc, which is why we can only give you an approximation based on our statistics and former experience.

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